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Hand Crafted Fussed Glass

We are a passionately run family business that enjoys creating, developing and delivering unique, quality products for our customers.


Retired from our careers we enjoy being grandparents to 4 lively children. They keep us very busy but our true hobby has been making glassware. One evening, after a glass of wine, we decided to take the plunge and turn our hobby into our business with one simple vision.


We now sell our hand-made glassware and are able to create bespoke pieces to match your interior design.

Delivery and Payment Options

Delivery fees are a flat rate of £4 for all orders of £70 or under and free for all orders above £70. Items will be sent using the Royal Mail 2nd Class service.

Payment options include Paypal or directly via a secure website payment.

The Materials

The glass we use at Silsoe Glass is coloured art glass. The glass used is Bullseye glass. Bullseye set the standard for quality in coloured glass for art and architecture. It comes in many different forms, sheet glass, strings, powder. It is transparent or opal, iridescent and streaky.

The Process

Fused glass is glass that has been fired in a kiln at a range of high temperatures from 593 °C (1,099 °F) to 816 °C (1,501 °F). The process of fusing glass takes on average 24 hours in the kiln.

There are 3 main distinctions for temperature application and the resulting effect on the glass.

  • Firing in the lower ranges of these temperatures 593–677 °C (1,099–1,251 °F) is called slumping.                 .    

  • Firing in the middle ranges of these temperatures 677–732 °C (1,251–1,350 °F) is considered “tack fusing”    .

  • Firing the at the higher part of this range 732–816 °C (1,350–1,501 °F) is commonly described as a “full fuse”.

All of these techniques can be applied to one glass work in separate firings to add depth, relief and shape.

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